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Gold has always been one of the most attractive item to invest in. Since the most ancient times in the human history, gold and jewels have been associated to the idea of wealth, power, social importance and sometimes even of religious power. Not by accident, most statues were made in gold or were decorated with jewels in ancient religions.

Today’s Investments In Gold

In all epochs, wealthy investors tried to put their hands on gold mines and all sorts of gold resources. Today, gold never cease to be an attractive metal. In fact, investments in gold can be processed in 4 different ways:

  • 1. You can buy as much gold as you can and get it physically. But there are also hidden costs, because storing even small quantities of gold implies to buy a safe or to open an insurance policy to protect your gold coins/jewels.
  • 2. You may want to invest in crystal ball bets. Financial markets are attractive solutions and costs are proportioned to the quantity of investments.
  • 3. Very rich investors can buy lands or mines and find gold inside them, which is a more complicated business to startup, yet an interesting one if you want to setup a strong activity.
  • 4. Exchange trading is a good idea for investors who have no experience in global markets. Basically, you invest on miners instead of more stocks.

If You Need A Broker, Then It’s WCG!

Most potential investors give up the idea of investing in the global markets simply because they lack necessary information or a good guidance to get started in such markets. The good news is that Washington Capital Group  and its experts are there to help you with your first investment experience!

This growing financial company is one of the most reliable in the world for its regulation and overall certification about safety and security. Washington Capital Group is worldwide known for its cutting-edge innovative approach  to finance: at Washington Capital Group each individual client is considered in their specific set of circumstances, financial goals and financial conditions.  

Multiple Benefits From WCG’s Financial Investment Management

This leads to a highly customized financial solution which meets in full the client’s expectations and wishes about the investment process. On the other hand, this deeply custom-tailored approach works perfectly to cutoff useful expenses on financial management costs, that often represent a big deal for investors.

With Washington Capital Group investors get a tailored and suitable investment management plan in accordance to their specific and personal objectives (buying a new home, college for kids, health care, others…).

WCG – Full Overview On Offered Products

Washington Capital Group is located in New Delhi, India, in the city center where many other financial institutes and banks have their headquarters.

Washington Capital Group offers clients a full brokerage service, including investment management, consulting service, offshore opportunities as well as domestic opportunities for investments, financial planning at all levels and for everyone, managed accounts.

The financial products the experts financial advisors and managers at Washington Capital Group normally work with include:

  • Stocks
  • Mutual funds
  • Options

For investors the best way to get in touch to the team of Washington Capital Group is to write an email to the office company or to make a phone call. The team is familiar with non Indian investors, as well.

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